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How do I set up a Workflow?

  1. As a FAA, Navigate your way to the Workflows tab of your GoCo Account & hit the blue button labeled " + Add Workflow Template":

2.  Select which Workflow Template you would like to use (Hiring, Other, or Anonymous):

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 12.37.56 PM

3.  Input your Workflow Name, a description and picture if you like, and click "Create New Workflow" to continue:

4. Input Start Tasks: Determine what information will be necessary from the workflow starter when starting this workflow, such as selecting which team members to send this workflow to.


Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 2.31.51 PM

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 2.33.05 PM

5. Add your Workflow Tasks & their Assignees: 

In each task can select Dynamic Assignees or External Assignees. A Dynamic Assignee is automatically populated when the Workflow is started. 

      • Team Member: person who the Workflow is for (ie: the New-Hire for an Onboarding Checklist)
      • Manager: Manager of the Team Member. 
      • Workflow Starter: person who starts the Workflow.
      • Location: all team members within a specific company Work Location  (ie: Houston Office)
      • Department: all team members within a specific Department (ie: Sales Department)

5.  Add a Due Date to each Task or Set Up a Workflow Schedule 

Note: Due Dates set on the Task Template are dynamic and based on other dates in GoCo. This is because setting a fixed date does not make sense for a template, because the Due Date needs to be driven based on the timing of the Workflow itself.


Once a Workflow Starts, the Due Date is auto-populated based on the rule set here.

6.  Review the Permissions summary for the Task Template

Note: Right now, these permissions are fixed on the Task Template. These permissions can be changed on the Task Instance after the Workflow has started.

7.  Insert Form Fields into a Task Template!

Form fields is one of the MOST powerful aspects of Workflows. It allows companies to build and collect ANY data they would like in GoCo.

Here you can insert a Form Field into a task template. When the Workflow is started, the Task Assignees are asked to fill in the Form Field data. For more information on what type of Workflow Fields you can create, click here. 

Custom Fields: these are fields that are saved to the team’s profiles on GoCo. ie: You want to collect T-Shirt size and have it appear on the profile.

8.  Insert Links into a Workflow Task!

Anytime a company needs to have a Task Assignee go to an external website, using a link is a great option.

Some link ideas are:

  • Visiting a training website
  • Linking to a website where an account needs to be provisioned/created
  • Linking to a video / image or other type of content pertinent to the task.

9.  Add images to your Workflow Tasks!

10.  Add Groups to Organize the Tasks

NOTE:  Groups have a single setting to control whether the tasks inside of it can be completed “In Any Order” or can only be completed “One by One”.

Tip: You can use “One by One” to simulate an approval flow with steps. 

 For example:
1. Manager Enters Promotions
2. CEO Approval Task
3. HR Admin Approval Task

11.  Navigate to the Form Tab:

The Fields tab summarizes ALL the form fields being used within a Workflow. This gives Admins a way to audit and view all the data for a Workflow in a single place, without having to click around through tasks.

The page tells you how many tasks each field is being used in:

12.  Navigate to the Settings Tab

Here you can change the Workflow Name, Description and Icon, if needed.

Permissions are read-only right now. Only Full Access HR Admins can start a workflow. Once the new Permissions feature is released, this can be customized from the Company Permissions page.

13.  Review & Publish: Once your workflow template is complete, click Review and Publish.

You can also choose to save this Workflow as a Draft if you wish!