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Can I Schedule a Workflow for the Future?

Automate Workflow start times by setting up a Workflow Schedule

1. Log in to GoCo and navigate to your Workflows app from the company home page or from the navigation tabs on the left side of your screen.

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 8.40.35 AM

2. Here, on your "Templates" page, locate the workflow you would like to schedule. Click the ellipses button to the right & select "Edit Workflow Template".

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 8.44.00 AM

3. Click on the "Settings" tab at the top of the page. You will now see Basic Info, Schedule, Notifications, and Permissions

Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 9.54.56 PM-1

Under schedule, you will click the "+ Add Schedule" button.  

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 8.47.02 AM

Note: You will automatically be taken to this settings tab if/when you are creating an entirely new Workflow.


4. You will come to a drop-down menu where you can select specific or all team members, and the schedule you would like this workflow to be scheduled to start. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 8.47.50 AM

If you choose to select specific team members, you will be redirected to select from the available filters. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 8.48.27 AM

5. Once your team members are selected, set up your frequency, start date, & Start Time. Notice the dropdown menu has several options for you to choose from if you wish to put a Workflow on a recurring schedule (Daily, Weekly on, Monthly on, Yearly on, Yearly on Work Anniversary, etc.)

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 8.51.54 AM

Click save, and you're all done! 


You can also check out our Mini Tutorial on this feature below! (things may look slightly different due to some UX changes)


Email or reach out to your Client Success Team if you have any other questions! Happy Hiring! 🦖


Updated 11.9.2023