What are Hiring Workflows?

Let's review what's new, what's changing, and how to utilize this new feature!

What do I need to know about Hiring Workflows?

  • Overall, the hiring experience will change slightly. When you click to Add a new team member, a new modal will pop up:
  • You can tack on new one-off tasks to happen before/after an employee is onboarded/hired
  • You can customize your default hiring workflows to pull or exclude specific documents and custom fields
  • You'll have a new overview screen where you can view all new hires and where they are at in the hiring/onboarding process. To view this, click Workflows on the left side menu, or from the company page.

What's the benefit of using Hiring Workflows?

There are two main benefits of the new Hiring Workflows feature release:

  1. It saves time onboarding an employee
    1. By pulling in default documents and custom fields, the hiring process is faster and items are less likely to be missed. If you have Unlimited Workflows, you can create multiple hiring workflows for different departments (like Engineering, Sales, etc) and auto-add different documents and custom fields depending on the permission.
  2. You have full visibility to where employees are at within the onboarding process

Can I add as many Hiring Workflows as I want?

Currently you are limited to the two default Hiring Workflows (one for Employees, one for Contractors). If you upgrade to Unlimited Workflows, you can have as many Hiring Workflows and Other Workflows as you want.

What's the difference between "Other Workflows" and "Hiring Workflows"

Other Workflows can function independently from the Hiring/Onboarding Wizard. You would use Other Workflows for items like reimbursement requests, employee off-boarding, employee surveys, etc.

Hiring Workflows, on the other hand, operate with the Hiring and Onboarding Wizards. Have a new-hire checklist? Add those tasks to your Hiring Workflow to kick-off automatically after a new hire as onboarded (or before)! You can even embed an "other workflow" into your hiring workflow, which would automatically begin those tasks as soon as somebody is hired. 

How do I edit/customize Hiring Workflows?

  1. Navigate to Workflows (either on the left hand menu or on the company overview screen)
  2. Click on Templates and then click the three dots next to the template you want to edit

  3. Here you'll see all the tasks that are included in the Hiring + Onboarding Wizard. Click on "Customize" to adjust the Workflow Settings if the task allows for it. Some tasks may be locked in and won't allow customization at this time.

  4. Add an additional one off tasks at the bottom by clicking "+ Task"
    1. Check out this article for more details on creating workflow tasks
  5. When you are finished - click save and then publish your changes!

What can I edit/customize within a Hiring Workflow?

  • Hiring an Employee:
    • Custom Fields: Here you can pull in which custom fields will be prompted and/or required by the person adding the employee into GoCo.
    • Offer Letter: Add (or don't add) your default offer letter template
    • Documents: Pull in as many documents from your library that the employee will need to complete
    • Workflows: include other types of workflows in hiring so they start automatically. An example of this could be a separate certification workflow you want to be initiated when somebody is hired, but tracked separately. 
  • Employee Onboarding:
    • Emergency Contacts: Mark as Hidden, Optional, or Required
    • Additional Info: Here you can add, remove, and mark employee-filled in custom fields as optional/required
    • Tax Withholding: Mark as Hidden or Required
    • Payment Information: Mark as Hidden or Required
    • Documents: This is more of a preview - any documents you add here will also be added to the "Hiring" portion of the workflow

Why can't I edit/customize more fields?

This is the first release of Hiring Workflows. In the future we plan to add even more flexibility to these wizards (and others). Be sure to chat with your Client Success Manager on what you'd like to see in the future.


Have additional questions? Reach out to us at help@goco.io