How to assign permissions

Need to add permissions for a user? Check out this article for detailed instructions.

In GoCo, there are two workflows to add permissions for an employee! You can do so by visiting their profile page and clicking on the "Permissions" card, or via the Company Page. In this article, we will review how to add via the Company Page.

  1. When logged in, scroll down to the permissions module and click "Manage"
  2. From there, you'll see a few different sections: Standard Roles, Custom Roles, User Level Permissions, & Special Roles
    1. Standard Roles:
      1. If you are wanting to add a standard manager or a full-access admin, click on the correlating text under "Standard Roles".
      2. From there, you can click "+ Add User" and apply those standard permissions to the user.
      3. Once finished, click "Save"
    2. Custom Roles:screely-1591192879297
      1. If you have a custom role already built out, you can add the user by clicking on the applicable custom role, and then clicking "+ Add"
        1. If you need to add a new custom role, click "+ Add" from the left hand menu
      2. Once finished, click "Save"
    3. User Level Permissions:
      1. Click on "User Level Permissions", and then click on "+ Add User Level Permission".
      2. From there, select a current employee or scroll to the bottom to select "Add an External User".
      3. Once your employee (or external user) is added, you'll be able to customize access on both a Company level, and a Team level.
      4. Once finished, click "Save"
    4. Special Roles:
        1. If you are trying to add someone to a special role, please email or contact your CSM.


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