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Customizing your Document Workflows

Now with GoCo's new document enhancements, magic documents got even more magical!

Customizing your Document Workflows

Now that you have uploaded your document in GoCo, you'll be able to set an order of how you'd like the flow to go.

1. Upload your document as normal to be magitized

2. In the Document Assignees section, create your document order and choose which actions should be taken

  • You can change the order in which the document is completed by using the numbers to the right (you can also toggle on "Can Complete in any order" if no order is required)
  • You can add more people to the document flow (as many as you'd like)
  • You can click into the drop down and choose WHO should take action. You can choose the Document Sender, Team Member, Manager, Full Access Admins, Document Admins or even a specific person including external admins (like the CEO!) 

  • You can also choose WHAT action to take such as Needs to sign, Needs to acknowledge, Needs to approve or Receive a copy

3. Once you've created our customized document workflow, you can click Save & Continue.
Pretty cool, right?

See this article for more!


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