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[Admin] Can I import updates to employee data?

GoCo has an import that full access administrators can use at any time! Read this article for instructions on how to get started.

Updating or adding data to employee profiles has never been easier in GoCo with the Team Import.

To add new employees in bulk, check out this article for more information.

To make updates to employee data in bulk, follow these instructions.

On the left side menu, click Import then Team Members:


For this example, choose Update Existing Team Members. GoCo guides you through the next steps.


1. What team members do you want to update?

Most likely you'll want to use Active + Pending Team Members or All Team Members but there could be cases where you want to updated Terminated Team Members or Team Members With Missing Data. Whatever you choose will dictate what shows up on your template.

Remember: Pending means those who have not finished on-boarding.

2. Choose which fields you want to bulk update

This is where you can include many fields from GoCo like demographic information, employment information and custom fields. Each field you include will be its own column on the template.

Please note: Last Name, First Name, SSN, Start Date and Date of Birth will always be included by default.

3. What is the effective date for these updates?

If you're making a change that is effective on a certain date, like a salary change, you can put that date here. If you are making changes that aren't related to a date, like custom fields, you can check the box to make the change as of each employee's start date, or whichever date you'd like.

Next, upload the template!

Once you've filled in or edited the information in Excel, click Upload and attach your file.

If there are any errors (maybe you missed required information or didn't follow the specifications of the field), GoCo will prevent you from finishing and ask you to upload a corrected version.

Tip: try looking at the Instructions tab of the downloaded template for guidance on how to format each field!

Click Start Import whenever you are ready to push the changes live, and Finish to leave the screen. Check out those employee profiles - you're all set!


Have any further questions? We're happy to help. Contact us at help@goco.io.