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How do I create a custom field?

GoCo allows you to create custom fields so you can add additional information that you would like to gather and have saved in GoCo. These fields can be filled in by the admins, employees, or both!

Some examples of custom fields are computer tracking, license numbers, t-shirt sizes or food allergies.  

To get started, follow the steps below.

  1. From the right side menu, click the Manage button in the Custom Fields card

2. Under Custom Fields, you can manage an existing custom field or add a new one by clicking +Add Custom Field in the upper right corner. You can also +Add Section if you want to sort or categorize your custom fields!


3. Add a custom field. See below for a description of all the options.


    • Field Name: how the custom field will appear on the Custom Fields listing
    • Description: What the person filling out the field will see. You can format this as a question or a statement.
    • Field Types:
      • Drop down - build a list of answers from which one can be chosen
      • Long Text - space for multiple sentences
      • Multiple Choice - build a list of answers from which one or more can be chosen
      • Short Text - space for a single sentence

    • Who fills out this field? Team Members, Admins, or Team Members and Admins. You can decide if you want to give the employees the ability to change the field at any time.
    • Require the field to be filled out during onboarding. You can choose whether this custom field will prompt for an answer for each employee onboarding onto GoCo.
      • You can also choose to make this field visible or hidden from employees
      • You can require this field to be filled out by Admins during hiring so that it is never missed

4. Enjoy your new custom field!

To learn how to pull a report on your custom field data, click here.