What add-ons does GoCo offer?

Whether you have Free HR or Premium HR, you can still add-on more features!

GoCo offers a handful of add-ons that can enhance your overall experience. Add-ons are services that are not included with your plan, and some of them may require Premium HR. Contact your representative and check out our pricing page for more information.

Here are the add-ons we currently offer:

Benefit Administration 🏥

No more paper enrollments. Let your team members enroll in your company’s benefits online!

Automatic Payroll Sync 💰

Have GoCo sync all your team’s changes to your existing payroll provider. This includes basic info changes, deductions and more. Learn more about Payroll Sync.

Time Tracking ⏰

Let your team clock in and out and track their hours onto their time sheets. Overtime hours are automatically calculated, making it easy for approvers to review and approve time sheets in just a few clicks.

ACA Form Filings 📆

We'll complete your 1094/1095-C forms and send them to the IRS accurately and on time. Learn more about ACA Compliance

Advanced Time Off ✈️

Track your team’s PTO accruals along with more advanced settings like max balances, carry-overs, proration and more.


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