I need to edit something, where do I go?

This article is a cheat sheet of any and all adjustments you might want to make before (or during) payroll processing.

One-off changes (you only want this to show on the current payroll you are processing)


  • After you click "Start Pay-run", you'll be taken to a grid of all your employees. To make a one-off change to an earning or deduction, find the employee you are wanting to create a change for. After clicking on them, a side bar will pop-up allowing you to add in earnings/non-native deductions from the drop-down menu. You will also have the opportunity to override the amounts that are in there.
  • Examples of one-off earnings are a bonus, commissions, tips cash, overtime, other pay etc. You can customize these categories at any time!
  • You should not need to add one-off deductions for the benefits stored in GoCo (health, dental, vision, life and disability, etc.). GoCo automatically recognizes life events and any catch-up deductions and should prompt you about these. If another scenario comes up, please contact your CSM. 
  • Please remember making changes in this module will not carry over into the next period, this is a one-off change.
    • Don't see a category for the type of earning/deduction you need? Email us at help@goco.ioscreely-1582147561062

    Recurring changes (you would expect this to show up on every payroll)


    • GoCo has an Execupay card that is on each employees profile.  If you are wanting to create/adjust a recurring earning, you can do so by clicking "Make Changes" and going through the wizard.
    • Examples of recurring earnings could be a bonus, car stipend, cell phone stipend, etc. 
    • Please remember making changes in this module will carry the earnings into every pay period.


    • If the deduction is stored in GoCo (health, dental, vision, disability, life, etc.), you should not need to change the standard, ongoing deduction. If you have a life event, the deduction will automatically update. If you have another scenario, please email us a help@goco.io
    • If the deduction is not stored in GoCo, follow this article for guidance.

        If you have any other questions please email us at help@goco.io