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How to add non-native deductions in GoCo

Need to add a deduction like 401(k)? Learn how to add that in GoCo!

In GoCo, a non-native deduction is any deduction that is not auto-calculated with our benefits module. A common example is 401(k), but the possibilities are endless!

Adding a recurring non-native deductions:

  1. Login to GoCo and navigate to the employee you want to add a non-native deduction for.
  2. Click on the employee's "Execupay" card

  3. Once it expands, you will see an area for deductions. To add a deduction, click "+ Add"
  4. A pop up will appear and you will need to fill out the following:
    1. When do you want the deduction to take effect:
      1. Immediately: this deduction would take effect immediately and you would see it on the upcoming paycheck
      2. In the future: this deduction would take effect per the effective date you selected
    2. Deduction Type: select the type of deduction you are adding
    3. Deduction Amount: you have two options - a flat dollar amount or a %
      1. ⭐HINT: if you are entering in a % value, you need to format as a whole number, not a decimal. (ie for 3%, you would enter "3", not ".03")
    4. Company Contribution (may or may not appear depending on deduction type selected): should this deduction have a company match? If not, leave blank or as "No Contribution".

  5. Click save and you are done 🎉

Adding a one-time non-native deduction:

  1. Start your payroll in GoCo
  2. Click on the employee you want to add a one-off deduction for
  3. Under deductions, select the dropdown for the type of deduction you want to add
    1. Note: You cannot add/edit a % value, only dollar amounts
  4. Add in the dollar amount and click save!

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Who can add/edit non-native deductions?

      Currently only an admin with full-access to GoCo can add, edit or remove non-native deductions in GoCo. If you see a deduction that looks wrong or you want to change, reach out to your admin!

      Why do some deductions show a "lock" symbol?

      If you see a lock symbol next to a deduction, that means one of two things:

      • The deduction is being fed from your benefits in GoCo, and therefore cannot be edited. If the deduction value seems wrong, it could have to do with how your benefits are configured. Please reach out to your admin or dedicated GoCo CSM.
      • The deduction is exclusively stored on Execupay's side, and therefor should be changed there. This is most common with Garnishments like child support, but if your 401(k) setup is unique it could also fall under this category.

      Can I add a limit or cap to a non-native deduction?

      Currently you cannot add a cap to a non-native deduction in GoCo.

      I don't see the deduction type I need to add, what do I do next?

      In order to add a new deduction code, you will need to reach out to your Execupay contact. Once they add it on their end, it will show up in GoCo on the next day.

      I don't see an option for an employer match, what now?

      Reach out to your Execupay contact! Once they configure the employer match on their end it will show in GoCo on the next day.

      What about garnishments? Can we add those as non-native deductions?

      At this time, garnishments should only be stored in Execupay's system. Please do not add these to the employees profile in GoCo.

      Can I mass import non-native deductions?

      At this time, there is not an import option for adding non-native deductions.

      Can I run a report on all non-native deductions that are in employees profile?

      Yes! Those field names are available when you build custom reports in GoCo.

      For a Mini Training Crash Course on this, check out our video below!

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