Storage/Compliance with the I-9

How we handle I-9 storage and government requirements

Are I-9 forms and any related documents stored electronically in the cloud or otherwise?

Yes, the documents are stored securely in the cloud with GoCo. 

Does this storage meet USCIS requirements? How?

Yes. GoCo stores the I-9 for all employees digitally in one place. It's important as a company to ensure that all employees have a properly completed Form I-9 that is stored in a consistent manner (paper or digital with signature).GoCo helps companies by creating a standardized digital way of sending the Form I-9 to the employee to complete and sign, and for the Company Admin to review, certify and sign.The Form I-9 documents are stored on GoCo indefinitely and are not deleted (unless the company opts to do so) thus meeting the requirement to hold onto the forms at least 3 years after date of hire.

Can a form, either incomplete or complete, be printed out if an employee wishes to enter any or all data by hand?

You're able to download an I-9 in any status on GoCo by visiting an employee profile, locating the I-9 in the document field, and choosing the download option in the menu. It is there for both complete and incomplete documents, and you also have the option to re-upload to the employee's profile once they are done.


For more information on the USCIS requirements, click here.

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