How do I update what kinds of notifications get sent in Slack and what channels they post to?

Getting too many or too few notifications in Slack? Read this article for instructions on how to make updates to this!

After you've connected GoCo with Slack, you can change how and what GoCo will post Slack.

If you're an HR admin, you can change your company settings by following these steps:

  1. Login to GoCo as an HR Admin
  2. From the left side menu, click Company
  3. On the Integrations card at the bottom right, click Manage
  4. Click on Slack to view the settings

    From there you can change:

    Send Notifications To - choose the Slack channel GoCo will post to

    Notifications - choose what types of notifications GoCo will post to Slack

slack and goco integration


If you are an employee and want to turn on/off the Time Off notifications in Slack, go to My Account > Login & Security in the upper right hand corner to enable this integration for yourself.


Reach out to with any questions!