How are overtime rules calculated for each state?

Each state has their own rules for calculating the overtime hours based on their hours worked.

Please reference the official overtime laws outlined by the Department of Labor here:

Federal Overtime Laws (Fair Labor Standards Act)

U.S. federal law requires that all hours worked over 40 in a week be paid out at 1.5 x Regular Rate of Pay.

State Overtime Laws:

Some states have overtime laws that exceed the federal requirement. It's important as an employer to abide by these overtime laws and pay your employees accurately and fairly as required by the state the employee works in.

With GoCo's Time Tracking, you can set your overtime rules to use "Automatic Overtime Rules". GoCo will automatically use the employee's work location state to determine the correct overtime calculations for that employee.

You can reference the overtime rules that GoCo will apply to each state here:

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