What fields sync between JazzHR and GoCo?

Wondering what fields sync between JazzHR & GoCo? Keep reading to find out which fields that JazzHR will send to GoCo when syncing a candidate in JazzHR.

Note: JazzHR will send the following candidate field information into GoCo when someone chooses to export a candidate within the JazzHR interface. Once exported, the employee will appear in GoCo as "Incomplete" and will be ready to finish the hiring process. If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to setting up this integration, click here. 


JazzHR Sync Direction GoCo
First Name Into GoCo → First Name
Last Name Into GoCo →

Last Name

Gender Into GoCo →

Legal Sex

Job Title Into GoCo →

Job Title

Address Into GoCo → Address Line 1
City Into GoCo → City
State Into GoCo → State
Zip Code Into GoCo → Zip/Postal Code
Home Phone Into GoCo → Personal Phone Number
Home Email Into GoCo → Personal Email Address
Documents Into GoCo → Documents


Happy Hiring! If you have any additional question, please reach out to help@goco.io