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[Admin] Setting Up and Managing Work Locations

What are Work Locations in GoCo?

In GoCo, you are able to setup locations that represent the different physical locations that your employees work at. You are able to set the locations per employee, which can determine the employee's tax forms as well as benefit options. 

How to setup a location:

It's pretty easy to get your first location setup in GoCo and we have outlined the steps below that you can follow:

  1. From your company page, you will notice a Work Groups card located in the bottom left hand side of the page. Click on the Manage button. 
  2. From there, click on "Work Locations" on the left side menu

  3. Then, click "Add Work Location"
  4. A modal will pop up asking you to enter in the work locations info. Complete all required information and then click save.
    1. Please note that a postal code must be entered if you are using Time Tracking (otherwise the timezones could be wrong).

Updating an Employee's Location:

If you need to change an employee's work location, follow the steps below:

  1. From the company page, click on either the Team link within the menu on the far left side, or View directly within the Team card. 
  2. A list of all employees in GoCo will be displayed. Select the employee whose location you want to update or use the search bar at the top of the list to type in the employee's name. 
  3. Once you locate the employee and open their profile, you will notice an Employment Info card on the right-hand side. Click this section to expand it. 
  4. The employee's information will be shown, such as start date and work location. Click the blue Make Changes link located in the top right hand corner of the section.


5. You will now need to provide a Date & Reason for the change. Once inputted, click the Continue button. 

6. Now you will see all of the employee's information listed, with the option for you to make changes. In the dropdown field for Location, select the new location for the employee and click Continue

7. A notification will be displayed, letting you know if this change will effect the employee's benefits. Click the Continue button.

8. If you are using GoCo for Payroll Sync, a message will appear letting you know that the payroll Admin will be contacted and asked to sync the employee's changes with payroll. Click Continue.

9. In this last step, you will be asked to review and finalize the location change. When you are ready to submit the request, click on the Review & Finish button located in the bottom right.

Need Additional Assistance? We've got you covered. Contact help@goco.io anytime and we will be happy to assist you.