Need Ideas for Workflows?

Check out our Workflow Library below! Here we have some of our most requested Workflows in easy to follow Templates. Use these Templates to recreate these Workflows in your own GoCo Accounts.

Check out this article for some tips before creating! 

Once you have decided which workflow you would like to create, select it to access the template that you will follow along with & then see below to find the corresponding video tutorial. 

  • Vendor Application Workflow - This workflow is a good option for you to practice setting up External Users for your workflows!
  • Annual Performance Review w/ Peer Feedback - This workflow is a good option if you want to practice setting up Due Dates for your workflow Tasks!
  • Employee Reimbursement Request - This workflow is good practice for setting up a workflow that Employees can start on their own! Be sure to check out the help article at the bottom of this to learn how to do this after creating your workflow.
  • CS Hiring Workflow- This workflow is a workflow to use when Hiring Team Members in the Client Success Department. It's a good example of how you can customizing your Hiring Workflows to fit your Company's needs.
  • Event Planning Workflow - This workflow is perfect for use when planning an event! It plans budget, food, entertainment and can be customized for your Event needs!
  • IT Ticket Workflow- This workflow is for your team members to submit IT requests to their managers. Be sure to check out the help article at the bottom of this to learn how to allow your employees to start Workflows on their own!
  • Driver Pay Workflow - This workflow is used when you are paying a relief driver & need to request their route information.
  • 401(K) Enrollment Workflow - This workflow is helpful when managing your employee's 401(K) enrollments on an external site. 
  • Anonymous Employee Feedback Workflow - This workflow is for your employees to provide their feedback to your organization anonymously.
  • Termination and Off-Boarding Workflow - This workflow is for terminating & off-boarding your employees.
  • Leave Request Workflow - This Workflow is for your employees to use when they are requesting extended leaves.
  • Pay Change - This Workflow is for you to manage when employees have pay changes.
  • 30-Day Check-In, 60-Day Check-In, & 90-Day Check-In Workflows - This workflow is for check in's with your employees. 

Reach out to if you have any additional questions.

Happy Hiring! 💚