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How to assign Dynamic Assignees and Due Dates

Read more below about how workflows offers the flexibility to assign tasks & due dates based on dynamic data.

Before we get started on how to assign out a dynamic due date and a dynamic assignee, lets first recap what each of these fields are:

  • A Dynamic Assignee is an assignee who will fluctuate based off of the employee the workflow is in relation to. For example, if you use the dynamic assignee "manager", and the workflow is in relation to John Smith, that task will route automatically to the manager assigned to John Smith!
  • A Dynamic Due Date is a due date that will fluctuate based off of the parameters you set in the task template. You have a few options - you can make a task due x days/weeks/months after the (a) employee hire date, (b) employee termination date, (c) workflow start date, (d) task start date.

Now that we know the purpose of each field, let's learn how to add them!


  1. To assign a dynamic field, you first need to be in your workflow template.
  2. From there, navigate to the task that you want to assign the dynamic field.
  3. Once that task is open, you have two sections you can assign a dynamic field to:
    1. Assignees: 
      1. Under assignees, you'll see a drop down where you can select all applicable parties. In that list, you will find dynamic assignees:
        1. Managersscreely-1590002459409
        2. Specific Departments
        3. Specific Work Locations
        4. Workflow Starter
        5. Workflow Creator
        6. Team Member
      2. To add one, simply click on the dynamic assignee you want to be assigned! You can also assign multiple dynamic assignees.
    2. Due Date:
      1. screely-1590002474314In order to create a dynamic due date, you'll first need to choose the option "Task is Due"
      2. From there, you'll have a wide variety of options to set your dynamic due date!

    In addition to adding Dynamic Assignees and Due Dates to Workflows, you can also set workflow schedules in advance. For more information, click here.

    If you have any other questions about workflows, please email us at help@goco.io.