How does the GoCo + Zapier integration work?

You can automate your HR data flow to over 2000+ apps by connecting Zapier with GoCo. Provision accounts, send auto-email alerts, post slack messages and more based on triggers that occur in GoCo.

Please Note:

The Zapier Integration is in early beta.

If you encounter any issues with the integration, or have feedback, please let us know at

What are some use cases I can solve using Zapier with GoCo?

With Zapier, the sky is the limit on what you can send and pull data from. With that said, it's important to fully understand the data requirements of the 3rd party apps and make sure your desired use-case is correctly supported.

The Zapier integration will work great for use-cases that require quick, minimal data transfers in and out of GoCo.

Doing bulk importing and two way syncing between major systems like Payroll are things that wouldn't be supported well with Zapier.

For a list of supported and unsupported use-cases, please see this spreadsheet:

Zapier + GoCo Use Cases

What is the difference between a trigger and an action?

It's important to understand the terminology differences between these.

Trigger: GoCo sends data to Zapier when an event in GoCo occurs (Employee Created)

Action: Zapier sends data to GoCo when a Zap is run. (EX: Create Employee)

What are the GoCo triggers that send data to Zapier?

A trigger is an event that fires inside of GoCo that sends data to Zapier. These are the event triggers that GoCo will fire depending on certain scenarios

Employee Created

Triggers when the Hiring Wizard for a new employee is completed. 


  1. Login to GoCo as an admin with Hiring or Full Access permissions
  2. Go to the Team page and click Add New > Employee or Contractor
  3. Finish the Hiring Wizard
  4. Once finished, GoCo will send the new employee’s data to Zapier

Employee Updated

Triggers when the employee is updated in GoCo.


  1. Login to GoCo as a user with permissions to edit an employee.
  2. Go to the Team page, and click on an employee you have access to make changes to.
  3. Go to Employment Info card, and click Make Changes
  4. Make a change using the Employment Changes wizard, and finish
  5. GoCo will send all of the employee’s information to Zapier once the changes you’ve made become effective.

Employee Terminated

Triggers when the employee is Terminated in GoCo.


  1. Login to GoCo as a user with permissions to Terminate an employee.
  2. Go to the Team page, and click on an employee you want to Terminate
  3. Complete the Termination wizard
  4. GoCo will send the terminated employee’s information to Zapier once the termination date becomes effective.

Time Off Request Created

Triggers when a new time off request is created in GoCo.


  1. Login to GoCo as an Employee or Admin
  2. Go to an Employee's profile
  3. Open the Time Off card and click Request Time Off
  4. Fill in the request details, and click Request Time Off
  5. The Time Off request data will be sent to Zapier

Workflow Started

Triggers when Workflow is started for an employee in GoCo.

Workflow Completed

Triggers when a Workflow is completed for an employee in GoCo.

What are the Zapier actions that can send data to GoCo?

Create Employee

Use Zapier to create a new employee record in GoCo. Right now, you can only pass First Name, Last Name and Personal Email.

Once this action is fired, a new Incomplete record for the employee will appear on the Team page in GoCo. You must finish Hiring this employee on GoCo to ensure they become active and are set up correctly.


Start Workflow

Use Zapier to start a GoCo Workflow for a specific employee.

What fields are supported for the GoCo + Zapier integration?

Please see the following spreadsheet for a list of the supported fields, what triggers and actions they are supported on, and their data requirements:

View Zapier + GoCo Integration Fields


A field, trigger, or action I need to solve my use case isn't available. What do I do?

If you come across a use case you can think of solving with Zapier, however GoCo doesn't pass the data needed, please reach out to and describe your use case in detail. To make the feedback more effective, please try to include the following details:

  • What app(s) are you trying to connect to GoCo?
    EX: GoCo to Harvest Time Tracking
    Note: Please make sure your chosen Zapier apps support your use case first. Some apps may not have fields/triggers you might expect
  • What data / fields do you need from/sent to GoCo?
    Example: I need GoCo to send a PTO request trigger when PTO is APPROVED.
  • Describe the desired use case:
    Example: When an employee requests time off, once it is approved I want it to sync to the Harvest Time Tracking app.

The feedback you submit will be used to help us determine what we build next.

How do I connect GoCo with Zapier?

Please refer this this help article