vIDix Labor

How does GoCo's integration with viDix work? What data syncs?

GoCo will sync team member's names, personal emails, hourly rates, and labor level values for to vIDix.

Video Overview

Here's an overview video of how the GoCo to vIDx integration works.


What direction does the data flow?

GoCo → syncs to → vIDix

Data will only flow from GoCo to vIDix. Any changes made in vIDix WILL NOT update in GoCo. It's important to try and make changes in GoCo first when possible to ensure data is kept accurate and in sync between both systems.

What team members are synced to vIDix?

A team member must have the vIDix integration enabled on their profile to be synced to vIDix. Depending on the integration setting, the team member will be synced ON their hire date, or AFTER they finish onboarding onto GoCo.

When does data sync to viDix?

Once GoCo detects that a team member needs to be synced to vIDix, the data is synced typically in 5 min or less. For example, if you change "First Name", it should take no more than 5 min for that change to appear in vIDix.

What fields are synced from GoCo to viDix?

Below is the list of GoCo Fields that will sync to vIDix.

GoCo Field vIDix Field Example Value
GoCo Employee ID ID Number 9e670c90-079f-4c36-bcd7-74b484a4ae74
First Name First Name John
Last Name Last Name Doe
Personal Email Email
Start Date Hire Date 01/01/2020

Time Zone
(Based on Employee's Work Location)

Time Zone (UTC -05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Hourly Rate (USD)

Hourly Rate $20.50 / hr

Date Employee Is Synced To ViDix

Effective Date 01/01/2020 13:20

If Employee Active


Note: Status is set to "Inactive" for new-hires added to viDix.

If Employee Is Terminated On GoCO

Status Terminated

Work Location Code

Labor Level Named "Location" 100

Division Code

Labor Level Named "Division" 200

Department Code

Labor Level Named "Division" 300



How does Location, Division & Department sync to Labor Levels in vIDix?

For Location, Divison, and Department to successfully sync to vIDix,

  1. The Labor Levels must be configured with the correct names in vIDix. 
  2. Each Location, Division and Department in GoCo must have a "Code" value saved under Company > Locations, Divisions & Departments

How do I setup the vIDix integration?

For full set up instructions, please refer to this help article.