How do the Changes Over Time reports work?

GoCo custom reports can show you changes in almost any field over time. Read this help article for more information on how we show this data.

When creating a Custom Report you have the option to run the data as of a specific date or to show changes made within a certain time range:
If you choose to see Changes, it will follow a few rules:
  • Effective date will show on the report by default to indicate when the change became effective.

  • If employee "John Doe" had no changes in that date range, he wouldn't show up on that report.

    • Note: going from null ➡️ value does qualify as a change.

    • An example of this would be somebody who didn't have a department assigned until later, or a new hire who had no data at all.

  • If you choose multiple fields, a new row will show for each distinct change


In this screenshot, only 1 person's department changed in this time period (on 11/2/20 to be exact!).

And, everyone's division changed. Note that Deshaun Watson has two rows since he had two fields change.

Save your report to come back to it or download for later. You're all set! 🎉


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