Terminating Employees

How do I Terminate an Employee or Contractor?

How to terminate an employee and what changes will be made after termination?

Seeing a top performer leave is hard. Layoffs and firing poor performers can be hard too. With GoCo, we can at least make the administrative side easy. In a few steps, we can help automate removing the employee from payroll, disenrolling them from benefits, and issuing COBRA and State Continuation notices.

1. Click on the team member you want to terminate from your company's team page.

Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 1.57.35 PM

2. From the Actions menu, click Terminate.

Please note that you never want to "delete all records" if it's a real person. You cannot get records back once you delete them. (deleting demo/test accounts is okay) 

Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 2.16.40 PM

3. Input the employee's last day and the reason for their termination.

Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 2.22.34 PM

4. If the employee has Direct Reports, make sure to re-assign them.

Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 2.26.57 PM

5. Review Benefits coverage dates, then click Continue.


If an employee had benefits, a screen will pop up asking you to confirm their address so they can receive their information if they'd like to enroll in COBRA.

6. The next screen will give you this message. Click Continue.

Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 2.33.05 PM

7. Before submitting the termination, you can review the information you have inputted. Once done, click Submit Termination.

Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 2.35.14 PM

Note: depending on your specific setup, you might an extra step or two! 

Things you will notice after terminating an employee 

  • If you go to the employee profile you will see a large banner at the top stating their date of termination.
    Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 2.40.05 PM

  • To the right you will also see a termination card that includes all the details you recently input and a final paycheck calculator if you need to utilize it. 
    Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 5.37.09 PM-3

  • If you need to search for a terminated employee in the future you must select the "Terminated" filter under employee status on the team page 
    Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 5.28.23 PM-2
  • On your team page their badge will change to show terminated + their termination date on their employee card (termination filter is selected)
    Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 5.12.25 PM-2
  • If you search for a terminated employee in the global search bar (located at the top of every GoCo page) you will see a terminated label next their name.
    Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 5.34.28 PM-3


Check out this video walking through this process below: 


For more information, contact help@goco.io 🦖