Time Off

How do I sync GoCo with my company calendar?

If your account has the Manage Time Off permission, you'll be able to access Calendar page on GoCo. Your company's GoCo administrator can assign permissions.

Once you have the proper permissions:

  1. Choose Calendar in the left-hand navigation
  2. Choose Sync Calendars tab
  3. Choose your preferred Calendar app from the dropdown
  4. (optional) Choose Locations AND Departments to filter your calendar links to only show team members with a specific location and department.  By default, GoCo will include the events for all team members.

    For example, if you want your calendar link to only include team members working at the Houston Office work location, AND the Sales department, select "Houston Office" work location and "Sales" for department.

    If you want to include multiple locations within the same calendar link, just select all the locations you want to include.  The same applies with departments (just select all the departments you want to include).
  5. Follow the step-by-step instructions to add the calendar link(s) to your calendar of choice

Note: If you want, you can share your calendar links with your employees so they can add the events to their own personal calendars.  Just send them the calendar links copied from GoCo and instructions on how to add *


Check out our Mini Training Crash Course on how to do this below! 



* Please ensure that any calendar links you send must be copied directly from GoCo and end strictly in .ics. If anything is added after the .ics file type indicator or is copied out of Google, it will generate an error when attempting to sync to another calendar.

Contact help@goco.io if you have additional questions.