How do I access my W2?

Does your company use GoCo's embedded payroll? If so, learn how to access your W2 electronically!

Accessing your W2 in GoCo is super simple:

  1. Login to GoCo using your email or SSN
  2. Once logged in, go to your documents section
  3. View/Download your electronic W2!


    I am no longer employed by my company, can I still access my W2?

    Yes! You will never lose access to your GoCo account. Simply follow the instructions above.

    I can't remember my password to my GoCo account

    Reset your password here! If you still can't access your account, email us at

    Why isn't my W2 available?

    If you can't find your W2 in under your GoCo documents:
    • It probably isn't ready yet. Per federal guidelines, employers have until January 31st to provide W2s to employees.
    • Your company does not use GoCo's Embedded Payroll. A quick way to determine this is to see if you have access to your paystubs as well in GoCo. If you do not, your company does not use GoCo's Payroll!