Workflow Basics

How do Public Workflows work?

Public workflows are a way to allow people to submit anonymous workflow data. Like a suggestion box... with accountability.



What are Public Workflows?

Public Workflows are a new feature that allows for the collection of information that can be discreetly answered by team members.

What problems do Public Workflows help solve?

Public workflows are a great tool to receive honest feedback from team members or external users in an anonymous way. This includes everything from feedback on presentations to reporting harassment in the workplace. Within the workflow, an admin can comment and continue a conversation, all while a user stays anonymous. 

How do Public Workflows capture anonymous data?

When a company creates and shares an public workflow link, anyone with access to that link can start and submit the first task within that anonymous workflow.

When a user fills in and completes that first task, their user information is not captured or stored in GoCo. Because of this, the company who shared the public workflow link will not know who the submission came from.

Note: An exception here is if a user decides to fills in personal information about themselves. If you are an anonymous submitter, be sure to not include any personal details about yourself that someone could identify you with unless you don't mind being known.

How do I set up a Public Workflow?

As a Full Access Administrator navigate to your Workflows Templates page.

At the bottom of the page, you will see Public Workflows. Click + Add Public Workflow to add an anonymous workflow.

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 12.00.56 PM

How do I have someone complete a public workflow?

Once your anonymous workflow is published, a Share Link will be available for you to copy and share with anyone.

It's a good idea to share this link with more than 1 person to ensure anonymity.

When someone uses the share link, what do they see?

They will be able to start the workflow and complete the first task in that anonymous workflow. All user information related to this user will display as Public User.