Account & Permissions FAQs

Why are the links in my emails not working?

When you click your onboarding link, do you see a blank screen? Does clicking on a unique link just bring you to a generic login page? Are you not receiving emails from GoCo as expected? You are likely hitting a firewall!

Follow these steps to be able to access GoCo as expected:

If you do not see any emails from GoCo:

Make sure to check your Spam/Junk and Trash folders for correspondence from GoCo! Any communication from us will have the domain of

Tip: If you are having issues with receiving emails from GoCo, you can whitelist our email addresses:,,,, and your CSM's email address. To see instructions on how to whitelist an email, please use this link.

If an embedded link within a GoCo email does not work: 

Please try to copy and paste the link into your browser, or try a different browser. We recommend Google Chrome for an optimal experience! In addition, you can also try some of our Basic Troubleshooting Tips.

If neither of these steps is effective, you may need to interact with the link on a different device, or loop in your IT department if you are using a company-administered device. 

After following these steps. if you are still unable to access GoCo as expected, please loop in our Help Team at so we can help you get to the bottom of the issue!