[Admin] How do I set up multiple jobs / pay rates for employees?

You can assign additional Jobs with different pay rates to an employee from their profile under the Employment Info card.

In GoCo, you can assign multiple Jobs to employees with varying wage rates using Additional Jobs.

For example, you might have an Employee who works primarily as a Cashier, but can also work as a Janitor paid at a different pay rate.


How do I create and manage Jobs?

You can view and manage all of the Jobs for the company by going to Company > Work Groups > Jobs 

From this screen, you can create new jobs, archive jobs no longer needed, or delete them permanently.

What happens when I archive or delete a Job?

When archiving or deleting an existing Job, you'll be asked if you want to bulk reassign the Job to another one, or just remove the Job from all the employee's it's assigned to.

How do I assign multiple Jobs to an employee?

Go to an Employee's Profile > Employment Info > Make Changes. Choose an effective date and continue.

On the Make Changes step, look for Additional Jobs. Here you can assign Additional Jobs to an employee and set the wage rate for each job.


How do employee's select which Job they are working when using Time Tracking?

If an employee is using GoCo's Time Tracking to Clock In/Out or add time to their timesheet, they can choose which Job they are working from their Time Tracking card on their GoCo profile, or the Time Tracking Kiosk (whichever method they use to track their time).

The employee's default job will be pre-selected. The employee can change to the Job they are working which will be saved on their timesheet:

If a time entry has a Job associated with it, you can find it on the timesheet by clicking the Timesheet Fields icon here:

If you need to correct the Job, you can click Edit on the timesheet entry and change the Job.

How do Jobs appear in the Embedded Payroll with Execupay?

If you're using the Embedded Payroll experience with Execupay, Job's tracked using GoCo's Time Tracking can be automatically added to the Payroll Run.

When you export time from Time Tracking to Payroll, an Earning row for each Job worked will appear for each employee. A subtitle with the Job Title will appear under each earning row like this:


How do I export hours tracked for Additional Jobs?

There are different use cases for exporting hours tracked for Jobs. Please make sure to export the hours using the correct reports to ensure the Hours are exported correctly for your use-case.


Exporting Hours for Payroll
If the goal is to export hours to import into your Payroll system, the best method is to use the report generated within Time Tracking. Go to Time Tracking > Timesheets > Select the pay period you're running payroll for, then click the Export to Payroll button. This will produce a report of the hours you can use to import into your Payroll system.

Export Hours for Reporting / Other Reasons

You can go to Reports section at anytime and export the following reports:


Timesheet Field Total Hours Report

Use this report to get a sum of all the hours worked for each Job between a specific period of time:


Time Tracking Entries Report

Use this report to see the individual time entries for each employee, including the Job worked for each entry:

How do I import Additional Jobs for employees?

Go to Import > Team Members and select either Import New or Update Existing Team Members

From here, you can download the spreadsheet and add Additional Jobs to the import spreadsheet. Please refer to the instructions within the import spreadsheet template for the correct format to import Additional Jobs.

Note: If a Job that doesn't exist yet is assigned to employee, it will be created automatically.