Team vs. Company Access Permissions

Need a guide on granting company vs. employee specific permissions? Read on for guidance!

With GoCo's new permission enhancement there are two distinguishable areas of access you can grant: Company Level & Team Level. The easiest way to differentiate between the two is by comparing the two images below.

This image is a view from the Company page and is referencing the categories you will see under "Company" level access:

This image is a view from a users profile, and therefore displays all information considered "Team" level access:

In more detail...

What are company access permissions?

  • Company level permissions provide access to things like policies, templates, hiring/terminating, etc. These permissions are NOT employee specific, but instead are specific on the company level itself.

    What are team access permissions?

    • Team access permissions provide access things like PTO requests, banking information, employment and comp, etc that relate to a specific individual. You can assign by specific individual, location, department, employment type, etc!

    Want more information on what's customizable under these access levels? Check out Company Access Permissions & Team Access Permissions