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Why is my Clarity FSA / HSA / Commuter Benefits card not working?

Did you try to pay for a qualified medical expense or commuter benefit and your card got rejected? This may be caused by:

  1. Funding: You may not have enough funds in your account. Check your account balance and payroll deductions. 
  2. Non-Qualified expense: All transactions much match an eligible code. If you are trying to purchase an ineligible item for your plan types, your card will be denied.
  3. Coding Error: While the TPA  ensures your card has correct coding, some products/providers may not and this will cause your card to be denied.

Please Note: TPA's have no control over the MTA or any provider credit card machines. They ensure the plan design is set up properly and the member has proper funding in place. Each situation may not mirror the situation before, therefore we have to look at each on a case by case basis.

If that happens, just call (888) 423-6359 and a Clarity representative can help assess and correct the issue. 

Alternatively, they can pay out of pocket and then log in to your Clarity account to submit a reimbursement form.