What is considered an eligible dependent?

In order for a dependent to be eligible, the individual needs to be claimed by the employee for tax purposes, reside in the United States, and have a valid Social Security Number (or equivalent). 

In the GoCo Dependent screen, you may:

  • Add New Dependents
  • Edit Existing Dependent Information
  • Remove Existing Dependent

By adding a dependent, you are confirming that this is a legal dependent, eligible for benefits under one or more of your available plans.

You may enroll the following eligible dependents:

  • A lawful spouse to whom you are still married.
  • A Domestic Partner
    • This is only valid if the carrier allows for domestic partners as some carriers do not consider domestic partners eligible dependents.


  • Natural Child
  • Stepchild (Child of my current lawful spouse or Registered Domestic Partner)
  • Adopted Child
  • Child for whom I have legal guardianship

*Please consult with your HR administrator for more details around dual coverage - if you and your spouse work at the same company.


If you have additional questions, contact help@goco.io.