Why am I required to fill out Evidence of Insurability (EOI) during enrollment?

While enrolling in benefits on GoCo you may be asked to fill out an EOI. Read below for more info on what that means!

Evidence of Insurability forms are required by the carrier to prove an employee is in good health and eligible for coverage.

You may be asked to fill out an EOI if:

  • You are requesting a benefit amount over the Guaranteed Issue amount
  • You and/or dependent(s) are requesting coverage outside of their new hire window (for example, during Open Enrollment (OE))

On GoCo, this is what it looks like at the bottom of your enrollment screen if you have a form that is required:


Depending on your company setting you may have to submit the form directly to the carrier, so read the form instructions carefully!

*Please note: if you are requesting coverage that has not been guaranteed, your payroll deduction may change once approved. GoCo will show how much your deduction is immediately (upon effective date) and after carrier approval.

If you have any questions on the form itself, please reach out to the carrier. The information will be located on the form.

If you have any technical issues during your enrollment, please contact help@goco.io.