How do I use my bank account to pay for GoCo?

GoCo let's you use your bank account to pay for your GoCo subscription. 

Before using the bank account, it will need to be verified on GoCo.  Here's how it works:

  1. Add the bank account to GoCo (either from Company / Company Billing, or through checkout when upgrading your plan).
  2. Wait 2-3 days for two micro-deposits to appear in the bank account
  3. The deposits will appear in your bank statement with the description "AMNTS" (Note: they will not say GoCo, just "AMNTS").
  4. Once you see the two "AMNTS" deposits in your bank account, log back into GoCo
  5. At the top of GoCo, you should see a "verify bank account" banner.  Click Verify Bank AccountNote: If you don't see the verify bank account banner, make sure your bank account has been added to GoCo by going to Company / Company Billing and look under the payment methods card.
  6. Enter the two deposit amounts.  For example $0.12 and $0.05.
  7. After clicking the "Verify Bank Account" button, your bank account will now be verified.

If you are having trouble adding your bank account, please contact support at