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How do I set-up HSA/FSA with Accrue?

New to GoCo and want your team's FSA/HSA enrollments synced with your TPA? We can get you set-up with our partner, Accrue. 

Step 1: Discuss your current plan offerings with your GoCo Client Success Manager. We will need to pick a hard cut-off date from your old TPA so we can transition the existing accounts to Accrue.

Step 2: Fill out ACH Authorization Form and Plan Workbook. We'll also need a report detailing existing employee contributions and account ending balances. Your GoCo CSM will send these to you and submit them to Accrue for processing.

Once Accrue receives all paperwork there is a 2-4 week implementation window. During that time an Accrue representative will order cards, reach out for admin training and get all of your employee's information in their system.

Step 3: Your employees will receive your card in the mail then activate your online account. These cards will come in unmarked envelopes, so be sure not to throw them away!

If you have any other questions, please contact help@goco.io.