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FAQs about State Taxes

Here are some frequently asked questions about how GoCo handles State Tax Withholding Information:

Does GoCo generate copies of state withholding documents like it does with the W-4?

While GoCo does capture state withholding information, it does not generate a form. GoCo uses the correct fields from each state's tax form and stores that information on an Employee's profile to be used for reporting purposes as well as for payroll. 

If you want the form to be held on GoCo, you can upload it to the employees profile after they fill it out OR use the state form to create a magic doc that employees will fill out during onboarding.

For more information about our magic docs function, click here


How does GoCo handle reciprocity agreements between states?

GoCo automatically detects when an employee qualifies for state reciprocity agreements and will prompt the employee to fill out the tax information corresponding to the state for which the employee qualifies. 


Why don't I see state tax info on my profile?

Some states do not have income tax and, therefore, do not require a separate W-4 form. GoCo will only capture the 2020 Federal W-4 tax information for those employees located in these states.


What if I'm exempt from state tax? 

If you know that you are exempt from your state taxes, you will be able to select exempt in GoCo and fill out the necessary documents to claim exemption.


How do I know if I'm exempt from state taxes?

Each state has its own process for claiming exemption. Please visit your state government's website for more information.


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