Why did an enrollment window close?

If an employee is eligible for benefits, GoCo will automatically open a new hire enrollment window when they are hired. This enrollment window closes depending on the employee's hire date, your company's waiting rules, and the effective date of the employee's benefit.

The general rule is that GoCo will open a new hire enrollment window as soon as the employee is set up in GoCo and close 15 days prior to the benefit becoming effective. BUT an employee will never have less than 15 days after their hire date to select benefits. 

Here's a breakdown of some common waiting rules and how they affect new hire enrollment windows:

  • 0 Day waiting Rule: Your company has a 0-day waiting period, which means your eligible employee's benefits become effective on their 1st day of employment. Their new hire enrollment window will open as soon as an admin adds the employee to GoCo and close on the 15th day of their employment.
  • 60 Day waiting Rule: Your company has a 60-day waiting period, which means your eligible employees become effective with benefits on their 60th day of employment. Their new hire enrollment window will open as soon as an admin adds the employee to GoCo and will close on the 45th day of their employment.

Your employee can close the enrollment window prior to the automatic close, mentioned above, by finalizing their benefit elections early. 

Why does GoCo have these parameters?

We want to balance giving your employee enough time to choose the right benefits for them and their family while ensuring the enrollment is delivered to the carrier in a timely manner. These parameters allow us to be sure your employee has their physical benefit card in hand ASAP.

Are enrollment windows different for Open Enrollments?
The duration of an Open Enrollment is decided by HR Admin and their Benefits Consultants, if applicable. Typically, we recommend an Open Enrollment window of at least two weeks. 

What reminders does GoCo send reminding my employees to elect benefits?

GoCo sends employees three reminders leading up to their new hire or open enrollment window closing. These reminders are sent on the 7th, 3rd, and last day prior to the window closing. For Open Enrollments, employees will also receive a notification the day the enrollment opens. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 9.45.31 AM
The day after an Enrollment closes, employees will receive an email with a summary of their elections. 

Can I re-open the enrollment window for a specific employee?

If you have an employee that needs their window re-opened, you can reach out to help@goco.io and we'll determine if this is possible. If we're able to re-open an enrollment window, we can typically do so for a maximum of 24 hours.

Once you receive confirmation of the re-opened window, you should let your employee know.