When I Work

Why are my changes in GoCo not syncing with When I Work?

Typically changes made in GoCo will sync within a matter of minutes.  If your change in GoCo was not synced with When I Work, there are a few things to check to make sure it's working properly:

1. Make sure the team member is synced with When I Work. Go to the team member’s profile in GoCo and check the When I Work card and make sure it shows as “Synced”.

2. Make sure your team member has a hire date.  Go to the team member's profile in GoCo and check the hire date field under the Employment & Compensation card.  If it's missing, fill it in and save.

If you've checked both of the above and your changes are still not syncing, please contact us for support or email us at help@goco.io.🦖