Which team members will I be billed for?

Here's the breakdown on how GoCo counts team members for billing costs.

Active Employees/Contractors (Per Employee Costs)

GoCo will only count active employees/contractors for "per employee" costs. We never bill you for employees/contractors who are:

  • Terminated (you fully submitted their termination info, and their last day is in the past)
  • Incomplete (you did not finish creating them in GoCo: e.g. did not finish the hiring process)

All other employees/contractors are counted as active employees/contractors and will be counted towards all "per employee" costs.

*Please note: Contractor pricing is subject to your contract. Reach out to your rep with any questions.

Benefit Eligible Employees (Per Benefit Eligible Costs)

Some features, such as EDIs, will be billed based on the number of employees that are eligible for benefits. In addition to being an "Active Employee" (see the previous section), we only count them if:

  • You entered their Start Date into GoCo.
  • They finished onboarding in GoCo, or their benefit selections were imported into GoCo.
  • They are eligible for at least one benefit, and are not inside of a waiting period.

If an employee doesn't meet all of these criteria, we won't include them in any "per benefit eligible employee" costs.

Deleted Employees

You should only delete employees/contractors if they are test accounts. 

As soon as you click the "Finish" button on the last page of the hiring wizard, the employee/contractor becomes "Active" and will be included in the billing.

If you delete the employee/contractor from GoCo, they will be removed from the headcount the following day. However, please note that by doing so, you will delete all of that employee's data from the system and it will not be recoverable. 

Are terminated employees/contractors counted?

No. If you have provided all of the termination information, and the termination date is in the past, they will not be included in any "per employee/contractor" or "per benefit eligible employee" costs. All termed employees will be removed from the headcount on the following day. 

Have more questions? Contact help@goco.io.