Processing Payroll

When and why should I refresh my payroll run?

There's a lot to consider when resetting your payroll run in GoCo's Embedded Payroll - read more below!

Our "Restart Payroll" button has been renamed "Refresh Payroll" to make things easier!

When you click to Start a payroll run in GoCo it takes a snapshot of all employee data at that moment and pulls it onto the payroll run. If employee information changes in the background after you have started (salary changes, title changes, new hires, etc.) those will not be automatically reflected on the payroll run automatically. The payroll run is frozen in time until you reset it.

❗Before refreshing, consider the following...

  • Any changes you made to Needs Review employees will be lost.
  • If you added Time Off or Time Tracking manually to this payroll run, those changes will be lost.
  • If you have added one time bonuses or reimbursements to this payroll run, those changes will be lost.

You may want to refresh your payroll when...

    • You need to go back to employee profiles to make changes outside of this payroll run
      • Examples could include approving life events, salary/employment changes, address changes, etc.
    • You forgot to terminate employees or set their final paycheck method and you need those changes to show on your payroll run
    • Time Tracking or Time Off hours were approved late and are not reflected on this payroll run

Other notes:

  • Once you have sent the payroll run to Execupay you will no longer be able to refresh it or make any changes. Hop into Execupay to make any final edits. 

When you are inside a payroll run in GoCo you will see the option to Refresh Payroll in the upper right corner:

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 2.35.07 PM

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