What data does GoCo Sync to When I Work?

Changes to Team Members:
If a team member in GoCo is setup to be synced with When I Work from their GoCo profile, the following data will sync automatically when it's updated in GoCo:

- First & Last Name
- Email address
- Employment Type (Full-Time/Part Time)
- Hourly Rate
- Work Location
- Department (synced to position field in When I Work)

Changes to Work Locations:
When a work location's name or address is changed in GoCo, the change will automatically be synced to When I Work.

Changes to Departments:
Departments in GoCo are mapped to positions in When I Work.  When a department's name is changed in GoCo, the position in When I Work will be updated.

Note: Data is only synced when a change is made in GoCo.  The only exception is when you first setup the When I Work integration, GoCo will import any team members, locations and positions (departments) that are missing in GoCo.

Note: When a location or department is synced with When I Work, an icon will appear next to that location or departments' name in GoCO on the Company > Locations & Departments page.

GoCo plus WhenIWork 8-1


For more information, contact help@goco.io.