Time Off Types & Leave FAQ

Answers to some commonly asked questions on our Time Off Feature!

Where did my time off labels go?

Not to worry, your time off labels didn't go anywhere! If your "other time off" was counted towards a specific bucket (personal, vacation, sick), you will find those labels listed under that time off type under "Reasons". All others that were "Not Counted" will now be in the Not Counted time off type. 

If you toggle OFF the Not Counted time off type, it will not come back! That bucket is there to migrate the existing reasons into the time off policies. Therefore, it is best practice to migrate the reasons to the new time off label before toggling the bucket off. Alternatively, you can leave the Not Counted time off type toggled to "on".

What's the difference between a time off reason and a time off type?

A time off type is a bucket of time off that you can create accrual policies around. A reason, on the other hand, is a label (and what the employee sees) when requesting the time off via the dropdown. Here's an example of how they work together:

Time Off Type = Personal Leave

Reasons = Doctor's Appointment; Mental Health Day; School Event

In the above example, all of those reasons are counted and paid as personal leave (and pulled from the balance of that time off type), but are labeled and requested under a different reason (ie they are not requesting Personal Leave and instead are requesting for "Doctor's Appointment").

When should I use a time off type versus a time off reason?

You want to use the time off type when:

  • There are special policy rules around that type of time (ie accrual rate, carry-over rules, etc)
  • You need to pay that type of time with a specific earning code

Can I hide some of the types I don't use on the balances page/reports?

Not at this time. However, employees will only see time off types they have access to via their time off page.

How many custom time-off types can I create?

Currently, you can create up to three custom time-off types per company. When a time off type is created within a policy, it is only available within that policy. For example, creating a time off type for "Birthday Time" in one policy will not be able to be added or used in other policies.

Can I report on both reason and time off type?


What's special about the "Leave" time off type?

The Leave time off type is special in a few ways:

  • You can control whether or not the employee accrues time off while on leave
  • You can select whether or not the leave is paid or unpaid
  • You can require that documentation be uploaded when requesting leave
  • Only Full Access Admins are able to approve leave

Can I filter out/label my employees that are on Leave?

Not at this time, but that's coming soon!

Will an employee on Leave lose any benefit coverage?

No! If you need to remove coverage from an employee on leave, you'll need to make changes to their benefit eligibility via their employment profile.


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