Employee Accounts

I am no longer with my former employer: Am I able to access my GoCo account?

Have you been let go from your previous employer or your temporary contract has ended? Not sure if you can access your account? Check out this article!

At GoCo, we recognize that your profile/account contains all the important information that encompasses your work life. That's why we want to remind you that even after you leave your company, you will still have limited access to your GoCo account! 

Terminated Employee Access:

You will absolutely continue to have the following information accessible to you!

  • Benefit Elections (if applicable)
  • Previous Pay Stubs (if applicable)
  • W2/W4
  • State Tax forms

Example of a terminated employee view


No Access:

  • Team Directory
  • Termination of Employment (visible only by FAA’s)

For any additional questions, please reach out to help@goco.io or your CSM 💚

Published 10.6.23