How do I verify a remote I-9 in GoCo?

After an employee completes section 1 of the I-9, GoCo makes section 2 easy for authorized remote verifiers to complete!

If you have have received a request to verify a remote I-9, you will be notified by email or SMS to complete the verification process. Please make sure to click on the link in the notification you have received! 

If you follow the link, you can click Get Started to begin the verification process. Before you begin this process you should have the documents from the employee in hand.

After clicking Get Started, you will be taken directly into the wizard which will show required fields for you to enter. You can upload the I-9 documents into GoCo by clicking "Upload File".

If you need to change the type of I-9 document you are verifying, you can do this by selecting the dropdown and changing the document type. 

Once you complete the required fields you need to check off the box at the bottom to attest to a few statements, then click Continue.

On the second page you will be able to review the I-9 document and sign, acknowledging that all information is correct. 

The last step is to click Finish at the bottom. You are all set! 🎉