How Do I Download the Mobile App?

Keep Reading for a Step by Step on how to download our new GoCo App on both Android Devices & Apple Devices!

For Android Devices

1. On your mobile device access your  Google Play Store 

2. Type in the search bar "GoCo"


3.  The GoCo App should appear like so!


4. Hit Green "Install" Button to begin to Downloadscreely-1637711343389-png

5. Once it's installed you'll be able to open your new app and are ready to get started!


For Apple Devices

1. From your mobile device, access your Apple App Store
2. Type in search bar: GoCo


3. Select the "GoCo" App that pops up & tap the "Get" Button to begin downloadscreely-1637771393745-png

4. Confirm installation by either Double Clicking your side button or entering your Apple ID & Password.


5. Your app begin download and installing, once complete the blue "Get" button will now read "Open". Tap this to open your new app and get started!


For more help or additional info, please reach out to!