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Giving GoCo access to ADP Workforce Now

  1. Log into your ADP Workforce Now Account.
  2. On the menu bar at the top, select Setup > Security Management and this will open a new tab.
  3. You will see a different menu bar at the top, hover your mouse over People and select Manage Users.
  4. Click the greenbutton on the top left corner.
  5. Fill in the following information and click Submit when done:
    • First Name: Goco
    • Last Name: Payroll
    • Email Address: payroll@goco.io
    • Contact Phone #: 512.580.4626
    • Identity Type: None
  6. Select the following options for the next screen and click Next when done:
    • User Type: "User is an employee, internal associate, or other..."
    • User Role: User Admin
  7. Confirm Action pop-up will appear regarding an SSN, click No to continue.
  8. You will see two boxes and arrows between them. On the left box (Available Service Profiles) scroll to the bottom and select WFNPortal : WFNPractitioner default profile : WFN Practitioner. 
  9. Select the right arrow (>) to bring the selected profile to the right box (Selected Service Profiles) and click Next.
  10. Confirm if the information is correct and click Done.
  11. After the Practitioner is set up, edit options are set through Setup > Security Management > Access Permissions. Select Manage People, find Payroll, GoCo and go to the People Access tab, then change to “View & Edit”.


For more information, please contact help@goco.io