Custom Work Groups

Learn how to enable employees to track their time to a specific project or task!

  1. Enable Custom Work Groups in the Work Groups settings.

    When you click on Add Work Group, you will see the 3 GoCo defaults (Customers ➡️ Projects ➡️ Tasks), but you can change the defaults or add more. Note: These sections are hierarchical, and GoCo will allow you to add up to 5 tiers.

  2. Once you save, go back to the Work Groups Overview and you will see the new work groups! You can edit each tier to add as many customers, projects, tasks, etc. as you need.

    ⭐ Hint: You can also limit projects/tasks based on the hierarchal tier!

  3. Once you've got everything added, you are ready to assign team members to each type!
    1. You do this via the employee's Employment & Compensation change wizard
    2. Be sure to add only the codes you want the employees to track time for
      1. You can also mark certain codes as "default". This setting would automatically apply that project code when an employee clocks in.
        1. You can only assign 1 default per tier
        2. If you only have one customer/task/project assigned to the company, it will automatically be the default
  4. Once added, employees will be able to track time to that project code!
    1. When clocking in, it will look like this:
  5. All done! Your employees will now be able to delegate their time worked to the specific customers/projects/tasks that you have setup.

That's great...but how do pull the data?

Check out your GoCo Company reports - there's a new report that will report on the total hours per project for any date range!


For a step by step video tutorial on this feature, check out our Mini Training Crash Course on this topic: 

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