Benefit Sync Task Notifications

What are they, how can I adjust them, can I opt out?

If you are set up as a benefit processor, you might have seen a "Sync Benefits" task appear in your task manager or in your daily emails from GoCo. You might be wondering - what does this mean? Why am I getting them? How do I get them to go away?

Before we get started, it's important to know this:

There are two types of notification emails you get on a regular basis from GoCo:

  1. Outstanding items in your task manager
  2. Outstanding items in your benefit sync dashboard

What's the difference between the task manager and the benefit sync dashboard?

The task manager collects all outstanding HR tasks that need attention in one place. Some examples you might see are PTO approvals, document verifications, life event approvals, assigned on-boarding tasks, and sync benefits.

The benefit sync dashboard differs because it collects all outstanding tasks that need to be communicated to insurance carriers. ie: an employee enrolls in benefits with Guardian. Who ever is setup as the benefit processor would be tasked via the dashboard to enroll this employee with Guardian directly, then close out the task.

Does the "Sync Benefits" task in my task manager relate to the benefit sync dashboard?

Yes! The sync benefits notification will navigate you directly to the benefit sync dashboard, which will outline any changes that need to be made with the carrier. Once you manually make the updates with the carrier, mark the tasks as synced and dismiss the notification in your task manager!

What happens when I dismiss the task manager "Sync Benefits" notification?

Once you dismiss this, it will be marked as "done" in your task manager, regardless of whether or not your benefit sync dashboard is clear/synced. You will not get another "Sync Benefits" notification until new items appear on your benefit sync dashboard.

Now let's tie all this back together with email notifications (that is why you're here).

As a benefit implementer, you'll have an extra setting called "Benefit Sync Emails". Simply adjust the frequency for how often you'd like to be nudged to login and make updates, and you're done! You can also customize how often GoCo prompts you about outstanding task manager items.

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