ACA: Coverage Changes

On the coverage changes page, you’ll be asked to review and apply the necessary coverage changes required to remain ACA compliance.

This page will show you all team members within an active admin period where Coverage Required and Coverage Offered does not match.

An admin period is a 60 day period after the employee’s measurement period where you’re required to offer health plan coverage if the employee is determined to be full-time.

Coverage Required

Coverage required will tell if you if you’re required to offer the employee health plan coverage based on the ACA requirements.  The possible Coverage Required values are:

  • Yes

An employee is known to be full-time and you must offer them health plan coverage to remain ACA compliant.

  • No

An employee was measured to be Not-Full-Time, and you’re not required to offer coverage.

  • Maybe (close to 130hrs)

An employee’s hours worked is close to the 130 hrs full-time threshold.  It’s recommended that you offer this employee health plan coverage to be on the safe side.

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