ACA: Compliance Status

On this page, you can see if your company is meeting the ACA compliance requirements for your employees during a specific IRS form filing year.

What team members appear on this page?
All employees who were employed during the filing year will appear on the Compliance Status page.

What statuses can show for each team member?
The following compliance statuses that can show for your team are as follows:

  • ACA Compliant - If an employee is known to be Full-Time from his previous measurement period and you offered ACA compliant health coverage.
    If an employee is determined to be Not Full-Time and offering health coverage is not required.
    If an employee is within a Limited-Assessment Period (a period a time where the employer is not penalized for not offering health coverage).
    If an employee has been terminated (ACA no longer applies, however you may need to offer COBRA).


  • Not ACA Compliant - If the employee was not offered health coverage when they should have been.


  • Missing Hours - There are missing hours for the employee that are needed to calculate their compliance status.  GoCo will ask the HR admin to upload the hourly data each month.


  • Benefits Not Configured (shown on month chart) - The company does not have a health plan configured on GoCo that is effective during a specific month within the employee's stability period.


  • Not Full-Time (shown on month chart) - If the employee was determined to be Not Full-Time, and health plan coverage is not required.


  • Limited Assessment Period (shown on month chart) - If an employee is within a Limited-Assessment Period (a period a time where the employer is not penalized for not offering coverage).

What do I do when there is a team member who is NOT ACA compliant?
If an employee appears with a Not ACA Compliant status, you can view why by clicking on any of the months that are highlighted with a red X.  GoCo will give you a summary of why that employee was not considered to be ACA compliant.

If there are known Not ACA Compliant months in the future, GoCo will show you a Fix Compliance button.  The Fix Compliance button will allow you to correct any issues that are causing the Not ACA Compliant status.

NOTE:  There are some cases where your health plans offered are determined to be not affordable using the safe harbors.  If this happens, GoCo will work with you to ensure that you offer at least one health plan that meets the affordability requirements of the ACA (for your next health plan renewal).

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