Why can't I edit my payroll schedules?

Sometimes, we don't allow admins to edit their payroll schedules. You'll just have to reach out to us to edit it.

We usually let company admins modify payroll schedules. However, there are 2 reasons why we might need to lock it down:

1) You have an integration with Execupay
In order for the integration to be seamless, your payroll schedule on GoCo needs to match exactly with what's configured in Execupay. If you need to modify your payroll schedule, we'll need to coordinate with Execupay to make sure everything lines up.

2) You have Time Tracking enabled and there are hours recorded on a time sheet

Employee timesheets are heavily dependent on the configuration of their payroll schedule. Changing any of the information in the payroll schedule can cause overlapping timesheets, gaps in timesheets, or situations where the pay date on the timesheet moves into the middle of the pay period.

In both of these situations, we'll be happy to work closely with you to make sure any updates to your payroll schedule go smoothly.