Why are my PTO policies set to unlimited?

This article only applies to customers that were using PTO tracking on GoCo prior to Dec. 19, 2016.

When you were reviewing your PTO accrual policy, you might have noticed that the defaults are all set to Unlimited.



The reason it was set to unlimited is that there are really only 2 options to choose from when setting up a PTO policy:


Since we didn't want to setup your accrual policy without your approval, the safest option was setting everyone to Unlimited.

However, you might be worried that your employees will mistakenly think that your company has an unlimited PTO policy. But there's no need to fret -- we thought of that! If your policies are all set to unlimited, all we do it show time off usage to your team. To your team, it will look something like this:



One additional thing to keep in mind: Setting it to Unlimited makes the system work very similar to the way GoCo PTO used to work before we started tracking accruals.  It basically just tells the system to not worry about accruals.

For more information, contact help@goco.io.