What happens when I downgrade my plan?

Trying to downgrade? Consider what will happen next.

If you downgrade from a Premium plan, there are some considerations that should be accounted for.

Downgrading from Premium HR to Free HR will:

  • Issue Prorated credits for Premium HR (credits paid towards Premium HR will be given, and used towards future invoices on GoCo)
  • Limit you to 2 Custom Fields
  • Limit you to 2 On-boarding Task Assignments 
  • Limit you to 2 Magic Doc
  • Removed and turn off all add-ons

    Downgrade Proration
    After downgrading, GoCo will generate prorated credits for the remaining period that has been paid for the plan, and apply those credits to any future invoices.

    Need help downgrading or canceling your plan? See How do I change my company's plan.

    Have more questions? Contact help@goco.io.